From Shopaholic to Millionaire: Dubai Resident Bags Dh1 Million Prize


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Dh1 Million Prize: Dubai, a city synonymous with luxury and extravagance, recently witnessed another lucky tale unfold. Bassem El Tibi, a resident for 50 years and self-proclaimed shopaholic, struck gold after winning a staggering Dh1 Million Prize (US$272,000) in the “Biggest Prize of the Year” drawn by Majid Al Futtaim (MAF) malls. This incredible Dh1 Million Prize windfall, awarded during the recently concluded Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), marked a first for MAF, who traditionally offered Share Reward points as the grand prize.

Dh1 Million Prize

Bassem, beaming with joy, held the symbolic Dh1 Million Prize cheque, a stark contrast to his usual attire of white shirt and blue jeans. His journey to becoming an instant millionaire wasn’t through a single extravagant purchase, but rather through his frequent mall visits and diligent habit of scanning receipts for prize draws. His dedication paid off, making him the sole winner amongst countless shoppers.

Beyond the initial euphoria, Bassem revealed his plans for the prize money. While acknowledging his love for shopping, he emphasized a “more judicious” approach this time. His strategy involves investing a portion in property, ensuring financial security, while another part will be used to support his brothers and sisters in Palestine, demonstrating his generosity and commitment to family.

Currently residing in Mirdif with his family, Bassem works as a director in Abu Dhabi. Interestingly, his local haunt happens to be the City Centre Mirdif mall, where he frequently shops for clothes, electronics, groceries, and food. His story highlights the accessibility of such life-changing opportunities, even for everyday shoppers.

The winning formula, in Bassem’s own words, is a combination of “always scanning the receipts” and maintaining a positive attitude. The Dh1 Million Prize campaign, co-invested by Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, ran from December 8th to January 14th. Shoppers who spent a minimum of Dh300 at any of the participating MAF malls were eligible to enter the draw, showcasing the inclusivity of this initiative.

Dh1 Million Prize

Bassem’s initial disbelief upon receiving the news reflects the skepticism many share towards such windfalls. However, MAF’s persistence and verification process ultimately convinced him of his good fortune. He encourages fellow shoppers to participate in future draws with optimism, believing that his positive outlook played a role in his Dh1 Million Prize win.

Bassem’s story transcends mere chance encounter with luck. It’s a testament to the rewards of consistent participation, responsible financial planning, and a spirit of generosity. His journey from shopaholic to millionaire serves as an inspiration to residents and visitors alike, showcasing the exciting possibilities that Dubai holds, not just for luxury purchases, but also for life-altering opportunities.

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