New Dubai Basketball Franchise Announces Home Court and Ambitious Future


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Dubai Basketball: Basketball fans in Dubai rejoice! The city is about to get a whole lot closer to the world’s elite with the arrival of a brand new professional basketball franchise, Dubai Basketball. Not only does this exciting development promise top-tier basketball action, but it also hints at a future filled with ambition that could see Dubai take on the best of Europe.

Dubai Basketball

Dubai Basketball: New Team, Big Dreams

Announced on July 8th, 2024, Dubai Basketball wasted no time in making a splash. The team secured a partnership with the iconic Coca-Cola Arena as their official home court, setting the stage for electrifying home games starting September 2024. While the roster remains under wraps, whispers of “serious names” suggest the franchise is pulling out all the stops to build a competitive squad.

A Chairman with a Vision

Leading the charge is Abdulla Saeed Al Naboodah, Chairman and Owner of Dubai Basketball. His vision extends far beyond establishing a local team. Al Naboodah has set his sights on the pinnacle of European basketball – the EuroLeague. While this might seem like a distant dream for a new team, Al Naboodah’s ambition is undeniable, and his plan for Dubai Basketball suggests a long-term commitment to excellence.

Taking the Court in Europe

For now, Dubai Basketball will hone its skills in the highly competitive 16-team ABA (Adriatic) League. This exposure to European competition will provide a valuable test for the team while offering local fans a chance to witness their squad battle established European clubs. Seasoned Slovenian coach Jurica Golemac will guide the team through this inaugural season, with home games bringing the heat to the Coca-Cola Arena throughout the nine-month season.

A Season of Excitement Awaits

Basketball enthusiasts can look forward to at least 15 home games, where Dubai Basketball will take on powerhouses like Partizan and KK Crvena Zvezda. Mark your calendars – the full schedule is yet to be released, but be sure to stay tuned for updates!

A Transformation for Dubai Sports

The excitement extends beyond the court. Mark Jan Kar, General Manager of Coca-Cola Arena, sees this partnership as a game-changer, not just for the team and its fans, but for Dubai’s entire sporting landscape. “The opportunity to build the ultimate home court for our players, our fans, and our incredible city is an absolute honour,” he enthused. “Coca-Cola Arena’s integration with Dubai Basketball will change the game and Dubai’s sport culture in every sense.”

The arrival of Dubai Basketball promises an electrifying new chapter for basketball in the city. With a state-of-the-art home court, a high-caliber league to compete in, and dreams of European glory, Dubai Basketball is poised to not only entertain fans but also put Dubai on the map as a major basketball force.

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