Eccentric Epoch Award 2023: City Times Celebrates the Year’s Quirkiest Tales


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As the curtain falls on 2023, we invite you to step into a world of the unbelievable yet true with the Eccentric Epoch Awards! Buckle up, for we’re about to embark on a journey through the year’s most peculiar narratives.

Eccentric Epoch Award

The Shocking Cyber Shenanigans Eccentric Epoch Award: 

Our first stop takes us to Fujairah, where ten cybercriminals blissfully ran their operations – until their Dh23,000 electricity bill blew their cover! Who knew digital darkness required such bright lighting? We guess crime doesn’t pay, but high electricity bills definitely do!

The Jackpot Juggernaut Eccentric Epoch Award: 

Hold onto your hats, folks, because Pradeep Kumar is on a roll! This Indian expat defied the odds and snagged the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi jackpot not once, but twice! Scooping a cool Dh15 million, Kumar is proof that lightning can strike the same wallet twice. Double the win, double the grins!

Dubai’s Fast and Furious Biker’s Wild Ride Eccentric Epoch Award:

Buckle up, speed demons, because this award belongs to the biker who broke the sound barrier – well, almost. Clocking in at a heart-stopping 280 km/h, this daredevil earned a stern warning from Dubai Police. Remember, folks, fast can be exciting, but furious is best left for the movies.

The Colourful Idea Eccentric Epoch Award: 

Henna or High? Creativity gone rogue? You bet! This award goes to the smuggler who tried to pass 8.9kg of marijuana disguised as henna through Dubai International Airport. We’re all for intricate henna designs, but smuggling? Not quite the artistic expression we had in mind.

The Levitating Lounge Eccentric Epoch Award: 

Hold onto your furniture, folks, because James Penny’s rattan sofa took a spontaneous flight! While in a meeting, this Dubai resident received a photo of his sofa soaring 100 meters across the UK, landing dramatically on a lamp post. This viral tale serves as a reminder – even furniture has wanderlust!

The Unrivalled Limb Treasured Eccentric Epoch Awardee: 

Talk about hidden talents! This beggar, caught during the Ramadan crackdown, stunned everyone with an artificial limb concealing a whopping Dh300,000. Now that’s what we call having a leg up (and a hidden fortune)!

The Schemer Shakedown Eccentric Epoch Award: 

Beware of smooth talkers and luxurious home massages! This award goes to a con artist who exploited women with blackmail and threats. Luckily, Sharjah Police foiled his scheme, reminding us that sometimes, the greatest magic is justice.

The Magic Misfire Eccentric Epoch Award: 

Seven wannabe wizards? No problem! These self-proclaimed miracle workers promised to cure diseases with genies and sorcery. Unfortunately, their six-month court vacation and Dh50,000 fine prove that magic is best left to Harry Potter.

The Crypto-Romance Scam Survivor Eccentric Epoch Award: 

A love story gone wrong? This IT director learned the hard way about crypto-romance scams. Lured by a mysterious “Coco” and promises of digital riches, he lost both his heart and Dh650,000. Remember, folks, love may be blind, but investing should be clear-eyed.

The Swimming with Real Estate Eccentric Epoch Award: 

Dive into an unconventional sales pitch with this award-winning female agent! Her poolside Instagram video inviting clients to “take a swim” with her before discussing properties certainly made a splash, but perhaps took the deep end a bit too literally.

The Eccentric Epoch Awards 2023 serve as a reminder that life is stranger than fiction. From cyber follies to levitating furniture, these Dubai tales prove that laughter is the best medicine – even when it comes to the year’s quirkiest headlines. So, raise a glass, share a chuckle, and let’s hope 2024 continues to surprise us with its unique brand of eccentricity!

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