Dubai Salik Gates: Responding to Suggestions for a Flexible Toll System


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In a recent poll, it was revealed that an overwhelming majority of respondents in Dubai are open to switching to public transport with the introduction of two new Dubai Salik Gates. More than 3,000 people participated in the survey, and over 1,900 expressed their willingness to make the switch. The new toll gates at the Business Bay Crossing and Al Safa South are set to be fully operational by November. 

This move aligns with the Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) goal of encouraging public transport usage and reducing dependence on private vehicles.

Dubai Salik Gates

Objectives of Additional Toll Gates

The RTA aims to achieve several objectives with the establishment of these new toll gates. According to Mattar Al Tayer, the director-general and chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the RTA, the traffic toll policies are designed to encourage the public to shift towards mass transport means such as the metro, buses, marine transport, and soft mobility options.

Dubai Salik Gates: Response to Flexible Toll System Suggestions

In response to a tweet by veteran lawyer Dr. Habib Al Mulla, the RTA expressed openness to the idea of implementing a flexible toll system. Dr. Al Mulla proposed two key concepts:

  • Dynamic Toll Fares
    • Increase during peak hours.
    • Decrease when there is no traffic congestion.
    • Aims to reduce traffic on streets with Dubai Salik Gates.
    • Ensures motorists are not charged the same toll during non-peak hours.
  • Double Fees in Central Business Districts
    • Implemented during working hours.
    • Common in many countries to spare business areas from unnecessary traffic.

Considering Dynamic Toll Fares

The concept of dynamic toll fares aligns with global practices where toll charges fluctuate based on traffic conditions. Implementing this system in Dubai could be a game-changer, addressing concerns related to peak-hour congestion and providing an incentive for drivers to choose off-peak travel times. This approach not only eases traffic flow but also ensures that toll charges are reflective of the actual road demand.

Dubai Salik Gates

Double Fees in Central Business Districts

The suggestion of imposing double fees in central business districts during working hours is a strategic move to manage traffic flow in key economic areas. This approach is already successfully in place in various countries and serves the dual purpose of revenue generation and traffic reduction. By applying Dubai Salik Gates in central business districts during peak hours, the RTA could potentially create a more efficient and streamlined traffic system.

Dubai Salik Gates: Openness to Implementation

The RTA’s positive response to these suggestions reflects a commitment to exploring innovative solutions for Dubai’s growing traffic challenges. The authority stated that it would consider implementing these ideas based on thorough studies. This proactive approach demonstrates the RTA’s responsiveness to public feedback and its dedication to enhancing the overall transportation experience in the city.

As Dubai continues to evolve as a global city, its transportation infrastructure undergoes constant refinement. The introduction of new Dubai Salik Gates and the possibility of a flexible toll system indicate a forward-thinking approach by the RTA. 

Residents and commuters can anticipate a more dynamic and responsive toll system that not only eases traffic congestion but also aligns with global best practices. The coming months will unveil the impact of these changes, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of the RTA’s initiatives in shaping Dubai’s transportation landscape.

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