‘Abraham Ozler’ Movie Review: A Lackluster Pursuit of a Serial Killer


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The much-anticipated Jayaram-starrer, ‘Abraham Ozler’ directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas, entered the cinematic arena with high expectations but unfortunately falls short of delivering a gripping narrative. The movie, penned by Randheer Krishnan, ventures into the realm of serial killers, a genre that has seen its fair share of success but struggles to leave a lasting impression in ‘Abraham Ozler.’

Abraham Ozler

Serial Killers Drama Abraham Ozler

Serial killers in cinema often follow a familiar pattern: leaving written clues at crime scenes for investigators to decode. ‘Abraham Ozler’ adheres to this generic treatment of the serial killer genre, introducing Jayaram as the brooding police investigator grappling with personal demons. His character, Abraham Ozler, is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his wife and daughter, a plot point that seems promising at the outset but eventually fades into the background.

Abraham Ozler

The film kicks off with the murder of an IT employee inside a hospital, setting the stage for a seemingly suspenseful investigation. However, as the story unfolds, the film fails to sustain the initial intrigue. More murders occur in a similar fashion, with the killer leaving clues that indicate further acts of violence. Despite Ozler’s best efforts, the common thread connecting the victims remains elusive.

While the script introduces some intriguing elements, they are poorly executed on screen. The narrative loses steam midway as the puzzle pieces fall into place too conveniently, diminishing the suspense that should accompany a serial killer thriller. The second half of the film becomes a tedious wait for the revelation of the killer’s motives, presented through a lengthy and lackluster flashback.

Mammootty makes a cameo appearance in the film, injecting a brief moment of excitement. However, even his presence fails to elevate the movie from the trough it descends into. The film struggles to maintain its momentum, and by the time Mammootty graces the screen, the anticipation built earlier has dissipated.

Abraham Ozler

Compared to Midhun Manuel Thomas’ previous directorial venture, ‘Anjaam Pathiraa,’ which successfully navigated the intricacies of a serial killer plot, ‘Abraham Ozler’ falls flat. The dialogues are poorly written, and several scenes come across as clumsy, failing to capture the intensity required for a thriller of this nature.

The film’s attempt to blend medical thriller elements, with surgeons and forensic experts discussing various aspects, doesn’t add the expected depth to the plot. Unlike ‘Anjaam Pathiraa,’ the revelations in ‘Abraham Ozler’ lack the earth-shattering impact needed to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

As the protagonist’s struggles are relegated to a mere embellishment, it becomes evident that the film’s attempts at character development are superficial. The epilogue drops hints of a potential sequel, but whether the lackluster performance of ‘Abraham Ozler’ can generate enough material for a follow-up remains uncertain.

In conclusion, ‘Abraham Ozler’ struggles to rise above mediocrity, offering a predictable and lackluster exploration of the serial killer genre. The film fails to deliver on its initial promise, leaving audiences with a sense of disappointment. While it may be currently running in theaters, its reception begs the question of whether the serial killer template in cinema needs a serious update.

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