UAE Weather: Heavy Rains and Thunder


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UAE Weather: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been experiencing unstable weather conditions since Wednesday night, with heavy rain, thunder, and lightning battering several regions. The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has issued yellow and orange UAE weather alerts across the country due to the presence of convective clouds.

UAE Weather

UAE Weather: Heavy Rain and Wadis Overflow

Parts of the UAE, particularly Al Ain, have received significant rainfall, causing roads to become flooded and wadis to overflow. Videos shared on social media by UAE weather enthusiasts showcase the dramatic downpours and the resulting scenery.

Weather Alerts and Safety Precautions

The NCM has warned residents to exercise caution and follow safety guidelines during this time. The UAE’s National Emergency Crisis and Management Authority (NCEMA) has urged the public to:

  • Secure their vehicles, especially in areas prone to heavy rain and hail.
  • Stay away from watercourses and flooded areas.
  • Avoid rugged terrains and mountainous regions.

The Abu Dhabi Police have specifically warned about potential hailstorms in Al Ain and advised drivers to be cautious while navigating the roads.

UAE Weather Forecast for Thursday

While the rain is expected to subside slightly on Thursday, the NCM predicts partly cloudy to cloudy conditions with a chance of further scattered showers. These showers will be associated with convective clouds and potentially bring fresh winds gusting up to 40 kilometers per hour.

Yellow and Orange Alert for Convective Clouds

A yellow and orange alert remains in effect across the entire UAE due to the potential for convective cloud formation. These clouds can lead to sudden downpours and strong winds, potentially reducing visibility due to blowing dust and sand.

Temperature and Humidity Fluctuations

Temperatures across the country are expected to reach highs of 27°C, with some variations in different regions. However, they are also predicted to drop significantly in the evening, reaching lows of 10°C in mountainous areas, 16°C in Abu Dhabi, and 17°C in Dubai. Humidity levels will also fluctuate, ranging from 40 to 80% in Abu Dhabi and 40 to 75% in Dubai.

Sea Conditions

The Arabian Gulf is expected to experience moderate to rough seas, potentially becoming very rough in certain areas by Thursday morning. The Oman Sea will also experience moderate to rough conditions.

Staying Informed and Prepared

Residents are advised to closely monitor weather updates from the NCM and follow the guidance of local authorities. Staying informed and prepared will help ensure everyone’s safety during this period of unstable UAE weather.

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