UAE Private Tuition Work Permit: Regulations Prohibit Teachers from Coaching Their Own Students


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UAE Private Tuition Work Permit: Teachers seeking permission to offer private lessons are explicitly barred from coaching students from their own schools. A comprehensive ‘code of conduct,’ a mandatory requirement for obtaining the private tuition work permit, unequivocally states that teachers are “prohibited” from “providing services directly to students affiliated with their schools.” The document emphasizes the necessity of disclosing any potential conflict of interest.

UAE Private Tuition Work Permit

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, responsible for overseeing these regulations, introduced the private tuition work permit in December of the previous year. This initiative marked a legal framework for educators to provide lessons outside formal educational institutions.

Concerns regarding a possible conflict of interest were previously raised by educators, prompting the inclusion of a code of conduct to address these issues. The 7-point document emphasizes the importance of professionalism and objectivity among teachers, particularly in evaluative situations.

UAE Private Tuition Work Permit

Key points from the private tuition work permit code of conduct include refraining from offering private lessons to students from the teacher’s own school, maintaining confidentiality of information related to students and parents, and avoiding inappropriate activities such as sending emails or images to students. Additionally, physical contact with students is discouraged, and teachers are urged to avoid engaging in topics containing abnormal or extremist concepts inconsistent with the state’s national identity.

UAE Private Tuition Work Permit

The private tuition work permit is issued for a two-year period and is available to a diverse range of individuals, including registered teachers, employed individuals, unemployed individuals, school students aged 15 to 18, and university pupils. The private tuition work permit is free of charge and aims to regulate private tuitions, preventing illegal and unregulated practices.

Subjects that can be taught by private tutors with the private tuition work permit cover a broad spectrum, including academic subjects like math, physics, chemistry, sociology, and languages such as English, French, Spanish, and more. Business topics like commerce, accounting, and economics, as well as social subjects like history and geography, are also included. The permit extends to art and design, Arabic and Islamic studies, physical education, film and video production, graphic design, multimedia, dance, music, and theatre.

Requirements for Private Tuition Work Permit

To apply for the private tuition work permit, eligible individuals must submit the required documents, which may include a valid UAE residency (passport/Emirates ID), a signed code of conduct, a certificate of good conduct, a no-objection certificate from the employer, and, for students seeking to offer private tuitions, a no-objection certificate from the guardian. Additionally, applicants may need to provide an experience certificate if applicable.

UAE Private Tuition Work Permit

Strict penalties, including fines, await individuals caught offering private lessons without the required permit. The application process for private tuition work permit can be completed via the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation’s website or app, and the specific requirements may vary depending on the applicant’s status.

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