Dubai’s First Integrated Cancer Hospital: Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital


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Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital: The emirate of Dubai is set to make a significant stride in healthcare with the announcement of the Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital, its first integrated, comprehensive cancer hospital, slated to open in 2026. This ambitious project, unveiled by Dubai Health, promises to revolutionize cancer care in the region, offering advanced treatment, cutting-edge technology, and a compassionate approach to patients in Dubai and beyond.

Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital

A Legacy of Compassion and Innovation:

The Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital is named after the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, known for his humanitarian spirit and dedication to helping others. This project embodies his legacy, aiming to deliver world-class healthcare and fulfill Dubai Social Agenda 33’s goal of providing the most efficient and highest-quality healthcare system.

Key Features and Facilities:

  • 56,000 square meters of space dedicated to cancer care.
  • 50 clinics, 30 clinical research areas, 60 consultation rooms, 10 urgent care rooms, five radiotherapy rooms, and 116 in-patient beds.
  • 19 gardens throughout the campus to enhance the healing environment for patients and families.
  • Multidisciplinary team of specialists, including nurses, offering a full spectrum of care services in one location.
  • Select treatments and services available at home for easy and accessible care.
Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital

A Collaborative Effort:

The Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital is being built with the support of donations received through Al Jalila Foundation, highlighting the power of collaboration and community spirit in building a better future.

Quotes from Key Figures:

  • Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai: “This new addition to the health system in Dubai will play a crucial role in achieving the Dubai Social Agenda 33 goal to deliver the most efficient world-class healthcare system of the highest quality.”
  • Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Health Board: “The hospital will stand as a beacon of hope, a hub of innovation, and a promise to provide excellent care to our patients in Dubai and beyond.”
  • Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-Chairman of Dubai Health Board: “This new hospital will break new ground in elevating cancer care standards, reaffirming Dubai Health’s commitment to advancing health for humanity.”

Impact and Significance:

The Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital is expected to have a significant impact on cancer care in the region, offering:

  • Improved access to advanced treatment: Patients will have access to the latest technologies and therapies, potentially improving their chances of successful treatment.
  • Enhanced patient experience: The focus on a compassionate approach and a healing environment will make the treatment journey more comfortable and supportive for patients and their families.
  • Advancement of research and innovation: The hospital’s dedication to clinical research will contribute to the development of new and better treatments for cancer.
  • Global leadership in healthcare: This project reinforces Dubai’s commitment to becoming a global leader in healthcare innovation and accessibility.
Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital

The Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital is a landmark project that promises to transform cancer care in the region. With its focus on advanced technology, compassionate care, and accessibility, the Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Hospital has the potential to become a beacon of hope for patients and a symbol of Dubai’s commitment to healthcare excellence.

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