Emirates ID: 5 Unexpected Perks You Didn’t Know About


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Living in the UAE, you’re well aware of the importance of your Emirates ID. It’s not just a piece of plastic – it’s your key to residency, a gateway to government services, and proof of your identity. But did you know your ID holds hidden potential beyond the obvious?

Emirates ID

That’s right, your Emirates ID is packed with a surprising array of perks that can make your life in the UAE easier, faster, and even cheaper! 

5 Interesting Perks of Emirates ID

Here are five unexpected ways your Emirates ID can become your everyday hero:

1. Ditch the Debit Card: Withdraw Cash with Your Emirates ID

Forget scrambling for your debit card! Several UAE banks now allow customers to withdraw cash directly from ATMs using their ID. While individual bank policies may differ, some, like Emirates NBD, require their mobile app to generate a secure withdrawal code. Others, like Mashreq Bank, take it a step further. Simply present your ID at their ATMs, and you’ll be presented with a menu of options on-screen, allowing you to withdraw cash, make transfers, or request statements – all without a physical card! Al Hilal Banks also joins the party, enabling cash withdrawals and transfers through their ATMs with just your Emirates ID.

2. Fuel Up and Go: Pay at ADNOC Stations with Ease

Next time you’re filling up at an ADNOC petrol station, leave your wallet at home. Download the ADNOC Wallet app and link your ID. Once connected, you can conveniently top up your account and pay for your fuel directly at the pump using your Emirates ID. The process is simple: insert your ID into the card payment slot, follow the on-screen instructions, and you’re good to go! This convenience extends beyond fuel – you can also use your ID with the linked ADNOC Wallet app to pay for purchases at ADNOC Oasis convenience stores and car washes.

3. Healthcare Made Easy: Your Emirates ID as Your Health Insurance Card

A trip to the doctor often involves a juggling act of appointments, prescriptions, and – oh no! – forgetting your health insurance card. Fear not, Emirates ID holders! Many medical service providers in the UAE are now equipped to process your medical insurance claims simply by scanning your Emirates ID. This eliminates the hassle of misplaced cards and ensures a smoother healthcare experience.

4. Smart Gates at DXB Airport: Breeze Through Immigration

Dubai International Airport (DXB) boasts state-of-the-art smart gates, offering a faster and more convenient way to clear immigration. These automated border control systems utilize facial recognition technology linked to immigration databases. If you’re a UAE National, GCC National, UAE resident, or a visa-on-arrival guest with a registered Emirates ID, you can breeze through immigration. Simply swipe your Emirates ID card, look into the green light at the gate (remember to remove glasses and hats!), and voila – you’re on your way to explore Dubai!

5. Unlock Exclusive Discounts: The Power of Residency Perks

Being a UAE resident comes with hidden benefits! Many hotels, attractions, and businesses across the country offer special discounts exclusively for residents. The next time you’re planning a staycation or a visit to a museum, don’t forget to flash your ID – you might be surprised by the savings you unlock.

So, the next time you reach for your ID, remember – it’s more than just an identification card. It’s a key that unlocks a world of convenience, efficiency, and even some unexpected savings. Make the most of your Emirates ID and experience the UAE like never before!

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