Dubai Sets a Green Record: 500 Trees Planted Daily in 2023


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Dubai, renowned for its towering skyscrapers and futuristic skyline, has embraced a groundbreaking environmental initiative, making headlines with a remarkable achievement.

In the year 2023, the Dubai Municipality planted an astounding average of 500 trees per day, resulting in a record-breaking total of more than 185,000 trees planted across the emirate.

Dubai plantation

Dubai Surpassed the 170 hectares recorded in 2022

This ambitious afforestation project has significantly expanded Dubai’s green cover, adding 234 hectares to the existing green areas, surpassing the 170 hectares recorded in 2022. The strategic planting locations include agricultural projects, nature reserves, bustling areas like Deira and Bur Dubai, as well as along main and secondary roads. Municipality’s parks have also witnessed a flourishing addition of these green ambassadors.

The variety of trees introduced in this expansive initiative reflects the Municipality’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Local species like Ghaf and Sidr, known for their adaptability to the region’s soil salinity conditions, have found a new home. The eclectic mix also includes Sumar, Neem, Olive, Samorova palm, Indian jasmine, and palm-like trees. Complementing these are evergreen plants such as Washingtonia, Bismarckia, Pseudobombax, Poinciana, Bougainvillea, Acacia farnesiana, and Darsina.

The planting efforts extend beyond traditional parks, reaching into residential and urban areas, main and secondary roads, and bridge intersections. This holistic approach emphasizes not only the aesthetic enhancement of the city but also the improvement of air and soil quality, contributing to an overall better living environment.

Dubai Municipality’s Aim

Dubai plantation

At the helm of this green revolution is Dawoud Al Hajri, the Director-General of the Municipality. Al Hajri emphasized that the Green Dubai initiative is not a seasonal venture but a year-round commitment adhering to rigorous engineering and planning standards. The primary goal is to elevate the quality of life and the overall well-being of Dubai’s residents.

He stated, “Green Dubai’s initiative is one of the key components of the Municipality’s strategic efforts towards sustainability. By safeguarding and optimizing the use of natural resources and elements as well as substantially lowering carbon emissions in the emirate, this initiative seeks to have a positive effect on the environment. This is in line with the strategy and national goals to become carbon neutral by 2050.”

Dubai plantation

City’s commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with global efforts to combat climate change. Al Hajri pointed out that the initiative significantly contributes to creating and enhancing green spaces for leisure, relaxation, and connecting with nature. Furthermore, it has also improved the cultural and aesthetic appeal of Dubai, ensuring environmental preservation for future generations.

The Green Dubai initiative is not merely a local achievement but aligns with broader international goals. With a focus on carbon neutrality by 2050, Dubai is positioning itself as a leader in sustainable urban development. The success of planting 500 trees per day underscores the city’s dedication to creating a green legacy and fostering a harmonious coexistence between the urban landscape and nature.


As the cityscape continues to evolve, Dubai’s commitment to environmental initiatives demonstrates that a balance between urbanization and environmental conservation is not only achievable but also imperative for the well-being of its residents and the planet. The success of this tree-planting endeavor serves as an inspiring example for cities around the world, encouraging a paradigm shift towards greener, more sustainable urban environments.

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