Air Taxis Take Flight: Dubai to Palm Jumeirah in 10 Minutes by 2026


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Air Taxis in Dubai: Imagine whisking from Dubai Airport to the dazzling Palm Jumeirah in just 10 minutes, bypassing traffic and soaking in breathtaking aerial views. This futuristic vision is set to become reality in 2026 with the launch of air taxis, marking a revolutionary leap in urban mobility for the emirate.

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Air Taxis: RTA Promises to Slash Travel Times

The ambitious project, a collaboration between Skyports, Joby Aviation, and Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), promises to slash travel times between key destinations. Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of the Public Transport Agency at RTA, explains, “These vehicles, with their speed, range, and quick charging, can take passengers from the airport to Palm Jumeirah’s vertiport in 10 minutes or less.”

These electric-powered air taxis, boasting speeds of 320 km/hr, represent a significant advancement in sustainable transportation. With minimal emissions and a recharge time of only 10 minutes, they cater to both environmental concerns and passenger convenience.

The initial phase will see six air taxis operating, offering a novel experience:

  • Seamless boarding: Forget long queues and tedious procedures. Biometric security checks will ensure a zero-touch boarding process.
  • Luxury terminals: The vertiports, akin to mini-airports, will offer a comfortable wait with amenities like cafes and business centers.
  • Inter-emirate potential: While the initial focus is on Dubai routes, the aircraft’s range opens doors to future inter-emirate travel.

Joby Aviation, the aircraft manufacturer, emphasizes its commitment to safety and innovation. JoeBen Bevirt, the company’s CEO, highlights, “Air Taxis testing in the UAE begins next year, targeting commercial service launch in 2026.” Air Taxis, currently undergoing certification in the US, has undergone extensive testing since 2017, ensuring its reliability and safety.

Air Taxis

Duncan Walker, CEO of Skyports, sheds light on the vertiport experience: “Imagine walking straight through, no tickets or passports, just biometric security.” These high-tech terminals promise minimal wait times, prioritizing quick and efficient air travel. Construction of the first vertiport at Dubai Airport begins in June 2024, aiming for completion by the end of 2025.

This groundbreaking project signifies Dubai’s continuous push towards technological advancements and sustainable solutions. The air taxis initiative not only promises faster travel but also paves the way for a more efficient and eco-friendly transportation network. As 2026 approaches, the world will be watching with anticipation as Dubai takes to the skies, redefining urban mobility and setting a new benchmark for the future of travel.

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